KC02 KJW HPA/M4 adapter

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This current new version comes with the top of a long KC02 magazine that has been cut down to fit the adapter. The use of the top of the long mag eliminates any feeding issues that some people have had with the short KC02 magazine tops. This is because the feed lip of the long magazine is single stack while the short magazine uses the less reliable double stack feed lip. The long mag is also compatible with aftermarket bolt and nozzles such as the Rogue Worx Genesis conversion kit.

The adapter does not come with the airsoft rifle or any other accessories.  

This is a custom designed laser sintered nylon adapter that allows you to use HPA (high pressure air) and M4 AEG magazines on your KJW KC02 airsoft GBBR. To use it you will also need an M4 AEG magazine, “paintball” tank with low pressure regulator (0-140) psi, a hose with a Foster (polarstar) quick disconnect and of course bbs. The normal operating pressure for green gas is roughly 120 psi depending on the temperature. We recommend that you run you pistol near this pressure and do not exceed 140 psi. Keep in mind that higher pressures can cause excessive wear and damage to the internal components of your airsoft pistol.

I designed this adapter to even the playing field when playing airsoft with a pistol as a primary against AEGs with hi-cap mags.